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  • Our handcrafted natural talc-free body powders are absorbent, with a soft silky feel that deodorizes and offers a boost of freshness throughout the day. Made with natural and organic ingredients like kaolin clay, tapioca powder and vitamin-e to soften skin, help reduce chaffing, wetness and odor.

    Great for sensitive skin and will not clog pores. 


    For the entire family...don't forget about the babies! we have un-fragranced for the them too!!


    Other ways to use our natural talc-free body powder....

    >For those smelly feet lol

    >Under arms for extra freshness and dryness

    >Under the breasts for sweat control

    >Diapers!! Helps to sooth raw wet bottoms

    >Down under for the men

    >Inner thighs for chaffing

    >And so much more!!!

    Elite Natural Body Powder

    SKU: 0019
    • Talc Free, organic and natural ingredients to keep you dry and cool while promoting healthy skin.

      Can be used on any part of the body you want to keep dry and fresh.

      Perfect and safe for babies and children.

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