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  • Do you suffer from boils or cysts under your arms?Do you feel that your current deodorant stopped working for you or loses its fragrance after applying?


    Well we have an awesome solution for you right here with a Fantastic Duo!


    Get the Elite Detox Mix and the Elite Under-Guard Natural Deodorant Paste in one easy combo pack. Get the results you've been looking for!!



    Elite Detox Mix 5-Day Kit

    Elite Under-Guard Natural Deodorant Past (Original or Black) 4oz

    Mixing Spoon

    Elite Detox Deodorant Combo

    SKU: 0016
    • Handmade with creamy organic butters and essential oils to absorb moisture and remove odor.

      100% natural ingredients form an invisible, absorbent, pH-balanced shield on your underarms that neutralizes odor and protects your clothes from perspiration. Goes on velvety smooth with amazing fragrances and a light powder finish. and it is perfect for use on sensitive skin. Keeping you dry and fresh all day long

      Does NOT contain any aluminum, sulfates, parabens, chemicals or preservatives.

      This amazing natural deodorant is also dual functioning; use it under the breast to help absorb moisture prevent breakouts and irritation while staying fresh as well as apply it to inner thighs to prevent chaffing

      New to natural deodorants? Well before you start you will need to DETOX. Detoxing will remove all chemicals, toxins, metals and aluminum from the body which will allow you the full benefits of using natural deodorant. Add our 'Elite Detox Mix' to your order to start your natural deodorant journey today.

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